Hack in a Flak Jacket

Peter Stefanovic

Hachette Australia

Hack in a flak jacket.jpg


ISBN 9780733635687

Published August, 2016

Reviewed by Debbie Berger

Peter Stefanovic spent the last 10 years as a foreign correspondent for Channel 9 in Europe, North Africa and America. He has witnessed more death and devastation than most of us could imagine. Hack in a Flak Jacket is told from the front line of some of the world’s most terrible events – many caused by terrorism, war and natural disasters. Peter and his cameraman were often in highly dangerous situations reporting these events back to Australians’ living rooms. There were many times they questioned if they would get out of a situation alive. This memoir gives an excellent summary of events that have occurred in places such as Haiti, Paris, Lithuania, the Middle East and Nepal. Whilst it is heavy and serious in parts we also are reminded of the hope that came from the election of Barack Obama, and the outpouring of grief when Nelson Mandela died. It is a modern history summary and whilst not light reading, it is enjoyable and informative and easy to read. Peter also gives a personal insight not often thought about – the toll that constant reporting of these dreadful events can take on one’s mind. I look forward to the next installment of the many more stories he has left to tell.


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