Marge in charge

Isla Fisher

Templar publishing


ISBN 9781848125339

RRP $14.99

Age 6 – 9 years

Date of publication August 2016

Reviewer Flavia Guarino

Marge in Charge is a charming comedy of near misses, mishaps, mischief and mayhem. It is a delightful collection of three short stories about the misadventures of young Jemima, her brother Jake and their new babysitter Marge. Narrated from the point of view of a very sensible 7 year old girl, Jemima, Marge in Charge explores the ways young children make rule systems about how people ‘should’ behave. It also explores the adjustments they need to make, continually in the case with Marge, when adults don’t follow the rules.  Marge with her rainbow coloured hair, deliberately defies stereotypes of small, mature grownups. A whimsical and enchanting book bound to delight the young at heart.


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