Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja(series)

Marcus Emerson

Allen & Unwin


ISBN 9781760295554

RRP $9.99

Age 7 – 12

Date of publication January 2017 (books 1 – 4) Feb 2017 (books 5 – 7) and March 2017 (books 8- 10)

Reviewer Megan Stuart

A whole new series of 10 books will reach books stores and devices this year. The books chronicle the life Chase Cooper an ordinary, skinny eleven year old (and to a degree his cousin Zoe). Book one begins as Chase starts at a new school and is recruited by a group of ninjas.

The books are jaunty and the protagonist is likeable. They are easy to read books designed for 7 – 12 year old children and there is something very comforting in a series which can also encourage reluctant readers.

What do you think?

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