9 Months

Courtney Adamo and Esther Van de Paal

Lizzy Stewart

Allen & Unwin

months 9781847808172

ISBN 9781847808172

RRP $24.99

Age 4+

Date of publication 26 April 2017

Reviewer Megan Stuart

Two successful bloggers, Courtney Adamo and Ester Van de Paal have published ( Months. The book illustrated by Lizzy Stewart (and endorsed by Dr Pippa Kyle) is designed for families to share a pregnancy and prepare for a new family member.

The book discusses the mother and the baby but also gives interesting information and facts about animal babies on each page too.

It’s really a great idea to have a book with information and illustrations to chart the journey and initiate conversation. It even uses fruit and vegetables to compare size for example at four months the baby is the size of an avocado and a melon at 8 months!

What do you think?

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