D-Bot Squad Series #1 Dino Hunter

Mac Park (Louise Park and Susannah McFarlane)

James Hart

Allen & Unwin

dino 9781760295974

ISBN 9781760295974

RRP $9.99

Age 5 – 7

Date of publication July 2017

Reviewer Barbara Hoodless

Hunter Marks is a lover of dinosaurs. He knows all about dinosaurs. How lucky is Hunter to be in his school library¬†and with the help of Mrs Stegg be introduced to a whole world of dinosaur adventures…… all through a special computer game. Hunter becomes a member of the D – Bot Squad and this leads to new adventures in a whole series of books.

This is a chapter book and high action adventure for early readers. And there are more… Books 1 – 4 published July 2017, 5 and 6 published October 2017 and 7 and 8 published February 2018.

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