Attack of the Giant Robot Zombie Mermaid. Epic fail tales.

Matt Cosgrove



ISBN  9781743811702

RRP $9.99

Age 6+

Date of publication May 2017

Reviewer Neville Sandon

What does one say when an author takes a pre-existing classic tale (The Little Mermaid) and graffiti all over the work to present an absurdly, ridiculous piece that is overplayed with nonsense – “ruthless”‘ “batty”, “booger”, “barbarians” mixed in with slime, pirates, zombies explosions,  and other narcissistic themes. 

The decline of story telling races to new depths when this work is allegedly aimed at “children of primary school age”. This serves no literacy purpose other than to disgust – and please spare me with the “at least a child gets to read” as though any content will suffice. Allegedly this is meant to be “wit and humour” around a stolen “fairy tale”. Distasteful, distressing for one beautiful young woman who lost her two legs, as much as a complete distraction, approximating to no literary genre. 

The back page (p126) of this EPIC FAIL TALE summarises for this reviewer – “No brains here, keep moving” the author has introduced the readers whether children or adults reading to their children “to the shame cycle”. I completely agree –  an epic fail tale. Not worthy for addition to any library.


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